•  The sinking of the RMS Titanic, as envisioned by Willy Stöwer. (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)
    Washington's Butt-Millet Memorial Fountain honors Major Archibald Butt and artist Francis Millet, two men who died together on the ship of dreams.
  • Frank Kameny protests outside Independence Hall
    American Activism
    Frank Kameny lost his job with the federal government because he was gay. He challenged his dismissal all the way to the Supreme Court and became an unrelenting leader in the fight for gay rights.
  • 84 Years Later
    Major Pierre Charles L'Enfant, the man who designed D.C., lay in an unmarked grave from 1825 until 1909.
  • Portrait of Josiah Henson, 1876
    A truth stranger than fiction
    He was immortalized in Harriet Beecher Stowe's famous novel. But though it made him a well-known and popular figure in the nineteenth century, Josiah Henson was determined to tell his own story.

The Legend of the Bunny Man

Bunny Man Bridge in Clifton, Virginia has haunted local teens for decades. (Photo source: Flickr user Motoboy92)

You’re sixteen years old, caught up in the intoxicating freedom that comes with your new driver’s license, and it’s Halloween night. You and your friends are driving around your small town looking for a quiet place far away from adult supervision. You decide to park on the side of the road near a secluded railway overpass. It’s the perfect place to get “up to something,” as your mother would say: woods creeping up on either side and the complete darkness you can only find on rural roads without streetlamps or nearby houses.