Holly McDonald

Holly McDonald graduated from Lawrence University in June 2021 with a BA in History and Spanish. Although she hails from Phoenix, AZ, Holly has always been intrigued by lesser-known historical events, people, and places, and as it turns out, the DMV area is full of all those things. In addition to learning about history, Holly enjoys pulling on plastic at her local bouldering gym, making music, and reading anything she can get her hands on.

Posts by Holly McDonald

Respect, Unity, and Brotherhood at the Million Man March

Group of six men at the Million Man March, 1995

If you visited any major U.S. city in the early fall of 1995, there’s no doubt you would have heard of the Million Man March for Black men in Washington, D.C., on October 16, either from flyers posted around town or through word of mouth. After all, plans for a massive gathering of African American men on the National Mall had been in motion for over a year.

Man Missing: Scarlet Crow's Fateful Visit to Washington, D.C.

Scarlet Crow's gravestone at Congressional Cemetery

On the night of February 24, 1867 in the nation’s capital, Scarlet Crow, a visiting Sioux chief, mysteriously disappeared. No one knows for sure what happened. Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate oral history proposed that he was kidnapped, while the Evening Star newspaper put forth that he had simply wandered and gotten lost. What is indisputable, however, is that after that night, Scarlet Crow was never seen alive again.