Lindsay Dillon

Lindsay Dillon is studying History and Strategic Intelligence/International Relations at Liberty University. She has always loved history since she was little, which started when her parents gave her a really creepy children’s book on Egyptian mummification.  Since then, her love for history has grown.  She has assisted in archaeological digs at Montpelier and several other places in southern Virginia and has traveled around the globe to visit fantastic history sites. She has an extensive collection of arrowheads, pottery pieces from Israel, and wood chips from a few colonial taverns, which she shows to all her friends (however her friends definitely do not find the wood chips as fascinating as she does).

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The Party Doesn't Stop...Until a Revolution Happens

Barbara Streisand with Ambassador Zahedi

When a person walks past the abandoned embassy of Iran, the first thought that comes to mind probably isn’t that this is a place where politicians routinely danced on couches. But, fifty years ago, 3005 Massachusetts Avenue was infamous among the social elite of Washington D.C. as the go-to party place for fancy champagne, expensive caviar, and lots of drugs. As Barbara Walters remembered, “it was the number one embassy when it came to extravagance.” Drivers dropped off the political elite and celebrities including Elizabeth Taylor, Liza Minelli, and Redskins coach George Allen. Guests in grand designer gowns and fashions let loose as, in the words of one local woman, “there were limousines double parked all over the place” outside.