Historical D.C. Metro Map

Historical D.C. Metro Map graphic

Since its opening in 1976, Washingtonians have had a love-hate relationship with our Metro system. Over the years, the system has been praised for its role in connecting neighborhoods in our region and spurring development. At the same time, DMV residents have been critical of delays, reliability and increasing fares.

However, our bone to pick is with the actual names of the stations. Frankly, they’re quite boring. Given the rich history of our area, there are lots of good alternatives. So, we've created a new (or, rather, old timey!) Metro map inspired by historical events and sites rooted in the neighborhoods that surround each station. Hop aboard! Take a ride and learn a little something about your commute as we make bland names like “Branch Ave” and “Huntington” a thing of the past.

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