Dominique Mickiewicz

Vive l’Histoire!  Whether it is listening to classic albums or pouring over vintage fashion designs, Dominique is always looking to the past for creative inspiration. Originally from Montclair, Virginia, Dominique attends Wellesley College where she studies International Relations-History and French Language. Prior to writing for Boundary Stonesshe worked on cultural exhibits at the Tangier American Legation in Morocco and the Davis Museum of Art. Her passion for storytelling translates to the ice, where she performs as a competitive figure skater and coach.

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A white rectangular poster depicts a message handwritten by a Gallaudet student during the “Deaf President Now” protests. “To Board of Trustees” is written at the top of the poster followed by an image of a coiled red snake. Below the snake is a statement in capital letters that reads “Don’t tread on Gallaudet we want a deaf presidents now and demand four things. Deaf never give up.”

Bet on Gallaudet

Against the backdrop of the city, Gallaudet University students, faculty, and alumni transformed their campus protest into a national fight for civil rights, refusing to accept anything less than a “Deaf President Now.”