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Karis Lee is a recent graduate of William & Mary and an aspiring educator. When she's not researching the stories of the DMV's immigrant communities, she enjoys indulging in hot cheetos, writing mediocre iphone notes poetry, and watching Korean dramas. 

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A Filipino Literary Landmark: The Manila House in D.C.

Filipino family in front of a house (Source: University of Maryland Libraries, Special Collections)

2422 K St. NW, nestled in the Foggy Bottom neighborhood just down the street from the George Washington University, looks like any other D.C. row house. But for the Filipino community in D.C. during the 1930s through the 1950s, it was a haven - a source of culture, community, and comfort. As those who remember it fondly today can testify, 2422 K St. NW wasn’t just a row house; it was the Manila House.