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Arielle is a senior History-Political Science major and Journalism minor at Colorado College. She’s a native Marylander and she’s working from home with her collection of U.S. Presidents Pez dispensers on the shelf behind her. She can’t always decide which era of history she’d want to time travel to, but she’s less inclined to live in D.C. in the early 19th century — purely because she doesn’t think she’d survive in an area with a greater mosquito population than 21st century D.C.

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The Centuries-Long Saga of the ‘Oyster Wars’

An Oyster War battle in 1884

The battle lasted about half an hour, and when the smoke cleared, Captain Frank Whitehurst lay dead in a pool of his own blood on the deck of the Albert Nickel, a Baltimore oyster schooner. While Whitehurst met a fate avoided by most, the so called “Oyster Wars” had been brewing for more than 100 years prior to that fateful night on the Severn River.

For nearly two centuries, Maryland and Virginia were engaged in conflict over one of the region’s valuable resources — oysters. Full of inconsistent enforcement and rampant law-breaking, it took the president’s signature to end the Oyster Wars.