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Blake Wilson, like Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott, Douglas Wilder and Devante Swing is a native of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  His interest in history began with visits to Civil War battlefieds and a childhood obsession with President Kennedy's assassination.  When not fuming over popup rowhouse additions (renovations), admiring formstone or searching for Shady Groove's On the Move live album, he is on yet another walking tour of Frederick Douglass' Cedar Hill.  Since Blake is a student at Howard University, it is fitting to quote the Notorious B.I.G. because… "May see me in D.C. at Howard Homecoming..."

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Fighting for D.C.'s Homeless: Mitch Snyder and CCNV

Homeless Advocate Mitch Snyder, Actor Martin Sheen, Boston Mayor Raymond L. Flynn, January 1987 (Source: Boston Mayor's Office, via Wikipedia)

“Anyone who thinks anyone is on the streets by choice is saying that out of a bed; a warm, comfortable home with a roof over their heads, money in their pocket and food in their stomachs.” - Mitch Snyder

Faced with a growing homeless crisis, the Reagan administration made a surprising policy decision in 1983.  Vacant federal buildings became available to “local governments and charitable organizations” for use as emergency shelters at a “cost basis.”  The properties included thousands of HUD and Department of Defense owned structures across the country, and one particularly notable building in the shadow of the United States Capitol. But while the new policy seemed to be a step forward, Mitch Snyder's fight for D.C.'s homeless was just beginning.