Ben Miller

Ben Miller is a bachelor's/master's student at the University of Chicago, where he studies race in 20th century America. A Silver Spring native, his childhood appetite for books and museums inspired a deep love for the past, and a desire to put it to work toward a more equitable future. Outside of Boundary Stones, Ben has contributed to projects for the National Archives, the American Historical Association, and Norton & Company. His non-history hobbies include baseball, fine dining, and trivia, the latter of which helped him win two championship titles on It's Academic.

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The First Sting

Lt. Robert Arscott and the Operation Sting team sit amid stolen goods

In 1976 D.C. police dressed as cartoon Mafiosos and bought millions in stolen goods from local thieves. They called it "Operation Sting," and soon police across the country were launching "sting operations" of their own. But not everyone was so enamored with the tactic, especially the communities it was being used to target.